Tuesday 5 February 16:00 – HBG Business Community TALKS: Entrepreneurship

We’re continuing our collaboration with Social Business Lab and HBG Business Community, who have organised one of their “TALKS:” events at THINK Open Space. This will be a perfect opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship from self-confessed serial entrepreneur Karsten Deppert, who is also one of Helsingborg’s main movers and shakers! 

HBG Business Community TALKS: are an opportunity to listen to interesting talks on a particular theme.

The evening will be kicked off with an introduction by Calle Norling from Social Business Lab and Sally Russell from Helsingborg International Connections, followed up by our guest speaker Karsten Deppert. We’ll end the evening with some time for questions and a mingle!

Venue: THINK Open Space, Bredgatan 11, 25225 Helsingborg

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Saturday 2 February 09:45 – Visit Helhets Akademin!

Welcome to an oasis of calm and tranquility, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of town!

We visit Helhets Akademin, specialists in holistic health and human sustainability. With over 20 co-collaborators working with health, behaviour and development, the organisation offers a range of in-house classes for the individual, as well as a full support system for companies.

We’ll visit their charming premises and hear about the many different yoga sessions and other treatments available – osteopathy, massages, Ayurveda, Kinetic Chain Release, Ball Inversion Therapy and much more. You will have the opportunity to stay on for a short introductory yoga session if you would like to.

The centre is designed to be a physical meeting place for the community too – you are welcome to drop in with a friend and enjoy a cup of tea in the centre’s attractive open space, or simply relax with a book. A home away from home!

Helhets Akademin also offers courses, workshops, courses and trips.

Address: Östra Sandgatan 14, 252 27 Helsingborg 

Bus: Green bus number 4 and yellow bus number 218 (stop at Kvarnstensgatan)

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Tuesday 27 November 16:00 – HBG Business Community MEET: IKEA

HIC is pleased to co-host this event with HBG Business Community Meetup!

We would like to invite you to HBG Business Community MEET: A concept where guest speakers from international companies are invited to talk. 

This time we proudly present Evelina Börjesson, Business Developer at IKEA.

The evening is kicked off with an introduction by Calle Norling from Social Business Lab and Sally Russell from Helsingborg International Connections, followed up by our guest speaker Evelina Börjesson. The evening is ended with a mingle and some fika! 

To attend the event, RVSP via this link:


More info about HBG Business Community:

HBG Business Community is a platform for information on working in Sweden and about the Swedish business community. With integration as a primary focus, we want to create meaningful connections with the intention to establish a professional community that exchanges knowledge, experience and inspiration.

This new edition of HBG Business Community includes some changes. The meetups have been divided into three different concepts: 

TALKS is an opportunity to listen to talks on a particular theme. 

MEET invites the attendants to listen to guest speakers from different companies.

OPEN SESSIONS is an opportunity to discuss and get advice on working in Sweden. Kind of like a speech café!

Tuesday 28 August 09:00-12:00 – HIC at THINK Open Space

Drop-in session

On the last Tuesday of each month in term-time you’ll find us at THINK Open Space! We love hanging out there because we meet so many interesting people passing through, working, or meeting up with others.

We’re available to answer your questions about living and working in Helsingborg. Welcome to stop by, say “hi” and find out more about what we do!

THINK Open Space drop-in dates

Drottninggatan Office drop-in dates

Tuesday 14 August 09:00-12:00 – Weekly Drop-In is back!

We’re back from vacation and looking forward to meeting you at HIC International Office Drop-In. You can find us at our office at Drottninggatan 7A on Tuesdays in term-time; on the last Tuesday of each month, we’re at THINK Open Space!

We’ll help you with questions on life in Helsingborg. Over 30 people visited us between October 2017 and May 2018 with a whole range of queries and we look forward to meeting many more!

Relocation agents and their clients are also warmly welcome!

Drottninggatan Office drop-in dates

THINK Open Space drop-in dates

Thursday 31 May 17:30 – Understanding Swedish Workplace Culture

Photo credit: Lena Granefelt/

We’re delighted to welcome representatives from IKEA IT, Johnson & Johnson and Öresundskraft, who will introduce their companies and talk about their values and workplace culture. This event will increase your knowledge about working for a company in Sweden, and help you understand common cultural differences in the workplace, giving you a head-start when applying for jobs! 

Please email us in advance with any questions that you have about working for these companies, or about business culture in Sweden generally. The last part of the evening will be a Q & A session, where we’ll put your questions to our experts! Email:

We warmly welcome Alexandra Johansson, HR Manager at IKEA IT, Jody Lodge, CEO of Johnson & Johnson in Helsingborg and Charlotte Esbjörnsson, HR Consultant at Öresundskraft, our guest speakers for this event!


17:30-18:00: Doors open to guests for refreshments (tea, coffee, sandwiches) & mingle

18:00-18:45: HIC introduction & first 2 speakers

18:45-19:00: Break

19:00-19:45: 3rd speaker and Q & A

19:45-20:15: Mingle

Address: Drottninggatan 7A, 25221 Helsingborg (the auditoriet on the 2nd floor of the kommun offices)

Nearest bus stop: Helsingborg Rådhuset

Sign up here by 18:00 Wednesday 30 May

Thursday 19 April 17:15 – The People Are The Smart City!

The library is a central hub for the whole community – what can it do for you, and just as importantly, what can you do for it?

Join us at the town library to find out how Helsingborg’s new initiatives in digitalisation affect us all, and how the needs of ordinary people are driving these exciting developments in healthcare and the home. 

You’ll also hear which services are most useful for the local international community and how the library views its visitors as “part of the collection”. Libraries the world over are talking about the need to search for knowledge in their own community – everyone has their own knowledge to share, their own story to tell. What’s yours?

Digidel is the new digital space at the Stadsbibliotek, open to all. The kommun has invested time, energy and resources into making this space available. How would you like to use it? How can it help you? Would you like to learn new skills at Digidel, like 3-D printing or virtual reality filming, which will help you expand your knowledge or improve your CV? This is your opportunity to find out what is available and to give your input into how the facilities are used. 

The library is the knowledge hub in our city – did you know a library card gives you access to 6000 online newspapers and magazines in different languages? Or that you can learn languages online for free, with the textbooks you need to support your learning available at the library? You can find easy-reading Swedish books too, ideal to boost your fluency in the language.

Please join us for a very interesting insight into the heart of our community and the future of digitalisation in Helsingborg! To get an idea of the scale of the development going on right now, take a look at this article about Helsingborg as a test bed for new technology from Helsingborgs Dagblad, 24 March 2018.

You can read more about Digidel and Stadsbibliotek here (Biblioteksbladet, 9 April 2018).


17:15 Meet upstairs 

17:30 Talk by Eva Hveem about Digidel and other library services; demonstration of Digidel facilities

18:30 Short tour of other useful library areas

18:45 Depart

Address: Helsingborgs Stadsbibliotek, Bollbrogatan 1, 25225 Helsingborg

Please note, food and drink will not be served at this event, but you are welcome to buy a drink at the cafe downstairs and bring it to the talk

Please sign up for this event here by 18:00 on Wednesday 18 April

Thursday 15 March 17:00 – Sharing Spaces

Co-create, co-work and collaborate with our co-hosts THINK Open Space and Hyperdrive!

Join us for a fun and inspiring event as we check out three great spaces in Helsingborg, starting at THINK Open Space and Mindpark, then moving across to Pixlapiren.

Rebecka Nilsson, Community Manager at THINK Open Space, will kick off the evening by introducing us to all the facilities on offer and letting us know about the many projects and events taking place. Did you know that THINK Open Space is a kommun-owned space, available to anyone to work, hang out and enjoy the friendly, international vibe? Or that the auditoriet can be used for free by any organisation wanting to put on a free knowledge-sharing event? This is your chance to find out more!

We’ll then have a guided tour of Mindpark, the cool and calm co-working space upstairs, where you can rent different sized offices or desk space, or even buy a card where you can use the facilities 12 times in 12 months. There’s a communal feel to Mindpark, where you can be involved in joint weekly lunches and other events or just chat by the coffee-maker with your co-workers!

At 17:45 we’ll walk across to Pixlapiren, where David Hare of Hyperdrive will talk to us about the many creative opportunities and activities available there. From 3D printers to an eco-friendly car, arts & crafts to DJ workshops, skateboarding to graffiti, there’s a place for all kinds of creative expression at Pixlapiren – come and find out how you can make the most of this child-friendly makerspace to engage with your hands, build what you planned, create it and paint it. Bring the projects that are too big to work on at home and let loose your creative energy, or set up a study circle or coffee morning at Pixlapiren. Did you know that you can even apply for funding from the kommun to help create your vision?!

We hope to have some of the artists and creators on hand to show you their projects, too 🙂

We can’t wait to show you these supportive, collaborative locations, so please join us to find out what’s happening in this part of town!

Event details:

17:00 Meet at the stairs in THINK Open Space, Bredgatan 11, 25225 Helsingborg for intro & tour

17:45 Walk to Pixlapiren, Oceangatan 2, 252 25 Helsingborg

18:00 Pixlapiren intro & opportunity discovery

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Wednesday 7 February 18:00 – Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Helsingborg

There is a huge amount of support in Helsingborg for people with new business ideas, and a thriving start up community. This is good news for international arrivals, who often find that moving to another country offers them the chance to reinvent themselves and start their own business.

A new initiative called Startup Labs is hosting Open Desk sessions at THINK Open Space on Wednesday mornings, where a representative from SoPactTHINK AccelerateTHINK Open Space or NyföretagarCentrum Skåne Nordväst (New Business Centre) will be available to listen to your idea and coach you over a cup of coffee. You don’t even need a fully-formed idea yet, just the beginnings of one!

We’re delighted to have Emelie Dahlström of SoPactAnneli Ödén of NyföretagarCentrum Skåne Nordväst, and Jenny Sandberg of THINK Accelerate talking to us about their work with these organisations and Startup Labs.

You’ll be able to pick their brains about setting up a new business or testing your idea to see how far you can take it.

“The Joy of Co-working” by Ilse Weisfelt at THINK Open Space, in collaboration with Joren Joshua, curated by Kulturhotellet.

We’ll mix in some “light entertainment” after the break, when we’ll hear from George Jonasson, the project leader for February’s Drömljus festival of light. He’ll talk to us about the spectacular light and sound installations, and exciting, interactive and vibrant activities that will fill Helsingborg from the 9th-18th February. It’s five years since the last Drömljus, so we are really looking forward to it! You can even book workshops and “behind the scenes” seminars, so check out the website as soon as possible!

Bringing us some much-needed light in February – Drömljus will be back!


17:30 – 18:00 Arrival & refreshments 
18:00 – 19:30 Guest speakers & break 
19:30 – 20:00 Mingle
Address: Drottninggatan 7A, 252 21 Helsingborg

Public transport: Nearest bus stop is Helsingborg Rådhuset and Helsingborg C train station is a 5 minute walk away

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Tuesday 30 January 18:00 – New Year, New Beginning!

Alexandra Skoglund

We’re very excited to have the talented, inspirational life coach Alexandra Skoglund with us for an interactive session with tips and advice on how to say “goodbye” to last year and make the very best of the new one! 

New Year, New Beginning 

Closing 2017 & Opening 2018

  • During the workshop you’ll get the chance to reflect on the highlights of 2017, as well as dreaming big while setting out your intention and goals for 2018. In other words we’ll harness 2017 and kick off 2018

  • Come and gain the energy & focus you need to kick off 2018 and follow your heart’s big dreams!

About Alexandra
  • Alexandra is a certified Life Coach & Leadership Trainer from CTI® (The Coaching Training Institute)

  • She found her passion for life during the first 10 years of her professional life, as she let her heart guide the way as she lived, worked & travelled the world to realize her biggest dreams. Now she is back in Sweden to share her passion and insights of what brings out our full potential

  • Playful Productivity is the beacon she uses when developing innovative workshops, courses and coaching programs in the field of personal development and business development

  • You are the expert of YOU, Alexandra is the expert of the creative methods that put you in touch with your expertise!

17:30 – 18:00 Arrival & refreshments 
18:00 – 19:30 Guest speaker & break 
19:30 – 20:00 Mingle
Address: Drottninggatan 7A, 252 21 Helsingborg

Public transport: Nearest bus stop is Helsingborg Rådhuset and Helsingborg C train station is a 5 minute walk away

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