Saturday 14 May 14:00 – Helsingör Tour: The Anonymous Artist

We’ll take a walk in the city of Helsingör and visit different locations to find artworks and installations in the cityscape by the Anonymous Artist of Helsingör. We’ll be walking between lots of different sights, so put on some comfortable shoes and prepare for a cultural treasure hunt in the centre of Helsingör! On our tour around the town, we’ll be guided by the artist, who will tell us about the different art projects, the thoughts and ideas behind them, and the different processes of manufacture which make it possible to create the artworks. We’ll end our tour at the artist’s workplace where you’ll get a quick insight into the bronze casting process, copper electrolysis, and more, which the artist uses to create his artworks.   

If you’d like to find out more about the Anonymous Artist, please visit his website:  or go to his Instagram

You’re welcome to enjoy the sights and restaurants of Helsingör before or after the tour!

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Tour areas: Near Kronborg Castle, the harbour and town centre 

Meeting place: 

Option 1: Meet 13:20 opposite the ferry ticket office upstairs at Helsingborg C. We’ll catch the 13:40 ForSea ferry (Tycho Brahe)

Option 2: Meet 14:00 in the entrance hall at Helsingör Station, Stationspladsen side (opposite Sundsbussarna ferry terminal)

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Thursday 13 September 09:15 – Visit to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Photo credit: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

If you haven’t been to this beautiful museum across the Sound in Denmark, it’s definitely time for a visit. Considered the most important museum of modern art in Northern Europe, Louisiana is famous for its innovative look at contemporary art and stunning surroundings. Its permanent collection holds over 3000 works and 8-12 special exhibitions are held every year.

We’ll meet at Knutpunkten and travel together, with everyone responsible for purchasing their own tickets for travel and museum entry. We recommend buying the combined return travel and museum entrance ticket at the Scandlines ticket desk (275 SEK for adults, see link for child & over 65s’ discount). We’ve chosen the bus route from Helsingör as it takes us directly to Louisiana.

You’re free to look at the exhibits by yourself or with other HIC guests, and to return at the time that suits you best. We hope to meet at the cafe for lunch, too! We’ll decide on the day, depending on the wishes of the group.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art    



09:15 Meet at the Scandlines ticket desk upstairs in Knutpunkten (Helsingborg C)

09:30 Take ferry to Helsingör (arrives 09:50)

10:20 Take bus 388 from Helsingör Station to Louisiana Museum (arrives 10:37)

11:00 Louisana Museum opens

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Photo credit: Visit Copenhagen