A knowledge-sharing network for global talents and their families

Connect with other international citizens and discover new opportunities at our live events!

HIC specialises in high-quality, informative events for international residents living in the Greater Copenhagen Region. We provide a range of social and professional networking sessions in English to help you integrate quickly and learn more about your new surroundings. Inspiration evenings, business in Sweden seminars, social/professional media workshops, health and lifestyle talks, coffee mornings…there’s something for everyone! Take a look at our Events page and Timeline to read more about HIC events. Thinking about holding an event at your workplace? Send us an email for an informal discussion about event options.

Keep up to date with local news via our online platforms

HIC is a knowledge-sharing network and we like to spread that knowledge as far as possible! Social media is the perfect platform for new arrivals to find out what’s happening in their adopted region – how did we manage without it?! Find HIC online:

Website: www.hiconnections.eu

Twitter: Expat_Sweden@HIC_Helsingborg

Facebook: helsingborginternationalconnections

Newsletter: August 2017

HIC is an independent organisation working closely with Helsingborgs Stad

HIC was created in 2013 by two friends with a desire to help other international people living in this region. We are in close contact with Helsingborgs Stad, Region Sk√•ne, Lund International Citizen Hub and other local networks in order to find increased opportunities for expats and are helping shape future projects in the region. HIC receives support from Helsingborgs Stad in the form of office space, office resources, catering and funding for events.

Mailing address: Drottninggatan 7A, 252 21 Helsingborg, Sweden

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