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So, what brings YOU to Sweden? 

Internationals in the Greater Copenhagen Region arrive for many different reasons: for work, love, lifestyle, refuge, retirement, education or travel. We also see many Swedes moving back to their homeland, who face their own challenges on return.

Whatever the reason, if you are new to Helsingborg and the surrounding area, you’ll want to make meaningful connections as quickly as possible so that you and your family can make the most of this beautiful region without delay.

What can Helsingborg International Connections do for you?

As founders of HIC, we have been through the process of transition and understand very well what it means to leave one culture behind and start again in another. We know the challenges involved in beginning a new job or putting your own career on hold for the sake of your partner’s; dealing with everyday practicalities, finding doctors and dentists, exploring a new town and making sure the kids are settled at school.

Once all those aspects of your life have been organised, how do you go about creating more opportunities for yourself, expanding your local knowledge and building a social circle? For many, their children will lead them to new acquaintances, but for those without young families or looking for further development, it’s not always easy to find a path to follow.

HIC enables its members to:

  • Connect with other internationals at regular events that are both informative and fun
  • Find ways of developing both personally and professionally by using our local knowledge and networks to assist you where possible
  • Integrate more easily into the workplace by learning “how to crack the Swedish code”
  • Learn about local study, volunteer, creative and work opportunities 
  • Discover how to engage with local projects and stay up to date with municipal plans

What next..?   

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