Press Articles

1 February 2018: Helsingborgs Dagblad 

Sally Russell bygger nätverk för nya helsingborgare (“Sally Russell builds a network for new Helsingborg residents”)

English version in pdf format

Interview with Sally about moving to Sweden and setting up HIC

25 October 2017: SoPact

HIC is selected for SoPact Accelerator Program #4   

Joining the SoPact Accelerator Program for social entrepreneurs

29 September 2017: Arbeta Utomlands

Nätverk hjälpte Jenny tillbaka in i Sverige (“Network helps Jenny back into Sweden”)

What it was like for a returning Swede to fit back into her own society and the benefits of a network in finding a job

7 October 2015: Hallå weekly newspaper (part of Helsingborgs Dagblad)

Målet – pussla ihop människor (“The goal – to put people together”)

How Sally and Jenny came to start HIC and how they hope to improve life for international people in this area

27 July 2014: Helsingborg Kulturkortet (Culture Card) Blog

Historiskt äventyr på Fredriksdal! (“Historic adventure at Fredriksdal!)


Article by Jenny about Fredriksdal’s summer journey through time with the help of local actors

18 July 2014: Helsingborg Kulturkortet (Culture Card) Blog

Ramlösa brunnspark – barnvänlig oas med spännande historia (“Ramlösa Spa Gardens – child-friendly oasis with an exciting history”)


Article by Jenny about the history of Ramlösa Spa Gardens and what to see when you are there!

10 July 2014: Helsingborg Kulturkortet (Culture Card) Blog

Our Jewel in the Crown


Article by Sally about Viken – favourite eating spots and what to see in this pretty village

1 July 2014: Helsingborg Kulturkortet (Culture Card) Blog

The Warmth of Nostalgia 


Article by Sally about the Sofiero Classic Car Show – memories of the 60’s and 70’s come flooding back!

4 March 2014: Helsingborgs Lokaltidningen (weekly newspaper)

Nytt nätverk ska underlätta vägen in i svenska samhället (“New network to facilitate the way into Swedish society”)

Sally & Jenny Lokaltid. photo

Why HIC was created and how it plans to help ex-pats on arrival to Sweden by sharing experiences; how our network can provide a knowledge and skills resource for local companies; how HIC can also support individuals and companies planning to move abroad

23 February 2014: Helsingborgs Dagblad (Daily newspaper)

Vi svenskar är duktiga på att vidareutveckla oss (“We Swedes are good at self-development”)

Interview with Jenny discussing: how our network exists both on and offline due to the use of social media and networking events with different themes; Sally and Jenny’s English and Swedish backgrounds; that HIC has been established to give both new international arrivals and returning Swedes a more meaningful stay in Sweden