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HIC’s work supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 3, Good Health and Well-Being and 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Attraction and retention of international talent has become an essential part of many companies’ recruitment strategy in North West Skåne. Businesses of all sizes can be affected by reduced performance from their new members of staff if they or their loved ones have not settled and there has been a growing trend in recent years to recognise the importance of the soft values that underpin a new international assignment. Greater awareness of the challenges of social isolation in today’s busy world and the potential for mental health issues means that it is not enough to simply recruit and expect an employee to manage alone; well-being and good quality of life are paramount if they are to thrive in our community, and stay.

Helsingborg International Connections enables your talent and their partner, spouse or family to quickly feel at home by offering a range of social and professional activities which will support and inform them on arrival and help them to embrace their new surroundings. An employee who knows that their loved ones have a dedicated network and opportunities to make the most of their new posting, will be able to fully engage in their assignment and perform well.

We find time and time again that the services we provide result in happier, more fulfilled international talent, and partners or spouses who are able to build a network of their own and, crucially, develop their own social lives, discover opportunities for volunteering, study and work, and contribute to society. We are proud to have helped hundreds of people since their arrival in the Helsingborg area and know that we have played a part in many choosing this location because of the availability of a ready-made community for internationals. At the same time, the area becomes more attractive to new business and companies choose to invest here.

Our offer

Through HIC, your employee will benefit from:

  • Regular social activities
  • Family get-togethers
  • Monthly coffee morning
  • Informative events with mingle
  • A weekly drop-in service
  • A wide range of contacts
  • Visits to local places of interest
  • Individual advice and assistance
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Links to the ecosystem for new businesses and local entrepreneurs

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