Through the HIC group I have attended many fun and interesting events including a healthy living workshop and pub night. It’s a great way to meet people and try new experiences. I can highly recommend HIC and Sally is always there to give you a warm welcome.
Sally helped me to get in touch with The International School of Helsingborg and a week later I had received a position with the school teaching a pyp 4 class. Thank you HIC 😊

Sarah, from Australia

As an expat the biggest challenge is to find a sense of belonging in your new world. Community is a place where you can find shared attitudes and common interests.  By becoming a member of Helsingborg International Connections (HIC), I have found that sense of community I have been longing for since moving to Sweden in 2009. HIC has accepted me as one of their own. I have made an instant group of fabulous friends who know and care about me.  Offering such a wide range of activities and socializing opportunities, HIC has definitely helped me MAKE LIFE HAPPEN.

Lisa Quinn, from USA

HIC draw upon years of business and social acumen to pull together a network of likeminded people in the Helsingborg and wider Skåne area.  Their events have proved extremely beneficial and informative in not only the immediate subject matter but in the opportunity to meet and discuss our own business and personal stories.  HIC is a great way to meet new people and to find a forum for sharing your ideas.

Tim Washington, Walk Consulting

Knowing Sally and Jenny is one of the best happening for me in Helsingborg, since I moved from China to Sweden one and a half years ago.  Thanks to Sally and Jenny, I am lucky to be one of  HIC family and I do enjoy meeting other members and spending wonderful time together. For me,HIC is a place full of friendship and sincere help.  Again big thanks to warm-hearted Sally and Jenny.  Wish all the best to HIC!
Jacqueline, from China

I am so happy to discover HIC, I just joined one of your last events: Welcome to Helsingborg! and it was great. It’s very helpful and a great way for all of us new internationals and those who been already here for a while as me 🙂 wish we would had this back in 2009 when I came to Hbg. So let’s be the change we want to see, I wanna be part of it too and help with what we can.

Adrian Copos, from Romania

Thanks for a lovely evening last night! Stefan and I were smiling the whole evening afterwards. Great vibe, great speakers, great company, great locale. We are both definitely going to become HIC members! :) … Fantastic group of people and I am still feeling the good energy today.

Amy, from USA

Hey Sally! I hope the new year is treating you well. I just wanted to let you know I got accepted into the program at Mitt Livs Chans. So I will get a mentor to mentor me and hopefully give me contacts in the Swedish workplace in my areas of experience and work. I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and HIC for having the opportunity available on your website. I’ll be happy to update you and anyone interested as to how it all goes further down the track 🙂 all the best and hope to see you soon.

Frances, from New Zealand

Thank you, HIC, you have made a huge difference to my life here in Helsingborg! xxx

Sheila, from the UK

When relocation to Sweden was requested from my husband by his employers, the first thing I did was to scan the internet for expat organisations in Helsingborg. I found the HIC website, then met up with Sally, and that prompted us to accept the move to Sweden! It was so comforting to feel supported. Once we were here, HIC helped me immediately: I came to the drop-in sessions and Sally very kindly answered every one of my very practical questions. I also attend coffee mornings and events, where I meet lovely people, have made new friends, and feel welcome every time!

Véronique Delaey, from Belgium

Once I moved to Sweden, I visited HIC, where Sally and Åsa offered me a warm welcome. They gave me advice and also put me in contact with different people that work in my area of expertise. Plus, they offer different open events where you can find useful information about Sweden in general and how things work. I recommend HIC for a smoother adaptation in Sweden.

Dan, from Romania