HIC co-founders Jenny Wieslander Chandler and Sally Russell


  • January: Sally Russell and Jenny Wieslander Chandler meet through the International School of Helsingborg, where their children are students
  • August: They discuss opportunities for expats and returning Swedes and decide to create a network for English-speaking expats in the Helsingborg and Öresund area


  • January: HIC website and Facebook page are launched
  • February: HIC Launch Party; HIC is invited to take part in a pre-study for an international incubator at Ideon in Lund 
  • March: First public event “First HIC Networking Event
  • May: Meetings with Helsingborgs Stad representatives from Strategic Development, International Co-ordination, Urban Planning, Higher Education & local businesses
  • November: Presentation to Helsingborgs Stad Strategic Development Department; meeting with Region Skåne in Malmö



  • February: Invited by Helsingborgs Stad to tender for an integration-based project
  • March: New office location at Näringsliv och Destinationsutveckling, Helsingborg
  • April: HIC presentation to Helsingborgs Stad employees
  • August: Invited to participate in “Welcome Reception” in Copenhagen with Helsingborgs Stad, LICH, Region Skåne and Oresunddirekt
  • September: Co-hosted “Family Day at Fredriksdal”, an Interreg event for international citizens in the Copenhagen area; HIC is allocated a budget by Helsingborgs Stad for autumn events


  • June: Co-hosts of SoPact event “Meet Your Match@StartUp Village
  • August: HIC presentation at International Master’s Students from Lund University Campus Helsingborg induction week, Rådhuset
  • October: Acceptance to SoPact Accelerator program; launch of HIC International Office weekly drop-in sessions; HIC passes 1000 Facebook likes!
  • December: HIC is established as an economic association and funding is granted from Helsingborgs Stad


  • January: SoPact Impact Day and completion of Accelerator Program
  • February: Presentation to Leadership for Sustainability master’s students from Malmö Högskola
  • March: HIC is added 100 Social Innovations in Skåne as a social entrepreneur
  • May: Presentation to Health & Human Services Innovation Course students and staff from University of North Carolina Wilmington at conference “En Framtid vi skapar tillsammans!
  • June: Invited on study visit to Holland Expat Center South in Eindhoven as part of EU project Migrascope, an initiative aiming to improve access to work for foreign-born residents
  • August: Presentation to International Master’s Students from Lund University Campus Helsingborg induction week, Rådhuset
  • October: Invited to Tallin, Estonia to participate in final conference of Migrascope project


  • April: HIC Volunteer programme established and Volunteer Co-ordinators recruited; first volunteer-led “HIC Excursions”; collaboration with Strategic Communications students at Lund University Campus Helsingborg
  • May: Partnership in This Is HBG Vision Fund project; HIC passes 1500 Facebook likes
  • August: Presentation to International Master’s Students from Lund University Campus Helsingborg induction week, Rådhuset
  • September: Invited to collaborate in Helsingborg Business Forum events