Beautiful Skåne!

Beautiful Skåne!



  • January: Sally and Jenny met through the International School of Helsingborg, where their children are students
  • August: A discussion on opportunities for expats and returning Swedes led to the realisation that a network for English-speaking expats in the Helsingborg and Öresund area was urgently needed. The process of creating HIC began
  • September: Initial meetings with Nyföretagarcentrum and local stakeholders
  • October: Carried out research in Sweden & worldwide to ascertain what types of expat network were available. A local Core Group was established and HIC’s mission was confirmed: “Creating more meaningful occupations for “expats” in our region”
  • November: Core message was tested further through our existing networks
  • December: Facebook page launched. Work started on the website as well as planning for a programme of events in 2014