Thursday 15 September 18:00 – Welcome to Helsingborg

Our annual Welcome to Helsingborg event is a perfect opportunity to find out about Helsingborg, learn about HIC, and make new contacts!

Join us at an exciting new venue: Helsingborgsrummet, or “The Helsingborg Room”. This is a brand-new facility in Oceanhamnen, where citizens can reflect, explore, and engage in the future of Helsingborg. Here you can discover different urban development projects taking place, talk to knowledgeable staff, and give your feedback.

You’ll get an introduction to Helsingborg, learn about the many activities taking place in the Söderscen project in southern Helsingborg, find out about Helsingborgsrummet, and hear about HIC’s autumn programme.

Meet other internationals and expand your network at this informative event!

Guest speakers:

Sally Russell, Helsingborg International Connections

Jonathan Olsson, Helsingborgsrummet / Helsingborgs stad

Abbas Sbeity, Söderscen / Helsingborgs stad

Address: Henckels torg 3 (Prismahuset), 252 36 Helsingborg

During our events, we sometimes take photographs and short videos to share on the HIC website and social media. If you prefer not to be in any photos or videos, please let us know at the beginning of the event. Thank you!

Register here by 12:00 on 15th September 

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