Thursday 3 March 18:00 – Inside and Out


Understanding your child’s social and emotional needs

We welcome Dušanka Kojdić and Laura Kolano of The Camino AB, who invite you to a workshop where you will gain valuable information, learn about children’s social and emotional development, and find out why it should be encouraged in every child. Dušanka and Laura are experienced learning support teachers working at the International School of Helsingborg.

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“As learning support teachers working in an international environment, we have noticed a greater need for social and emotional support among young children. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the consequences that it brought, children are facing many challenges and problems and therefore require more support and help. If we stop for a second and think about all the changes, transitions and difficulties young children were exposed to in the past two years, we will understand better their needs. We as adults, with the full capacity of understanding and with the full set of coping skills, had a hard time adjusting to changes and situations pandemic brought.

We have noticed that students have a hard time understanding their emotions and dealing with them in a constructive way. Many students carry a level of anxiety and worry which creates more challenges in coping with everyday routines and tasks. We see the biggest challenge when it comes to expressing needs verbally, this is where most of the students struggle and require assistance. When feeling overwhelmed (which happens a lot during early development) and without the right strategies, children can manifest behaviours which are not desirable. This is why it is so important to understand a child’s social and emotional development and the complexity of it. If we as adults focus on understanding the actual need behind the behaviour and if we equip young children with strategies and tools which they can use as coping mechanisms, we are ensuring their safe and healthy wellbeing. 

Providing learning opportunities, as well as a safe and creative environment where children can practice and master social and emotional skills, is the best contribution we as educators can provide for them. With that in mind, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) comes as an integral part of early years education. A famous child psychologist Vygotsky said, “What the child can do with assistance today, he/ she will be able to do by herself tomorrow”. As educators, we know that the best thing we can give young children is the knowledge and belief that they can be successful in what they do, and that they are the ones in control of their emotions and actions. 

Our workshops are created based on SEL theory and concept, they are child-centred, play-based, and interactive, designed for children aged 5-9. Our main focus is prevention, which means providing possibilities for children to reach their full potential and discover their strength.  Prevention is the key in early development of a child, therefore our workshops are designed for children aged 5-9. We hope that you will gain valuable information and learn about the social and emotional development of children and why it is important to encourage it with every child.”


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