Thursday 24 September 15:30 – Marketing Your Business During Corona

We’re very excited to announce our fifth Helsingborg Business Forum Online event, where we’ll be joined by Ann-Christin Lindstedt, Brand Experience Strategist at Sweden’s most international agency group made up of Graal Brand Agency, Pyramid Communication and Petra Digital Agency. She also serves as VP Brand and Marketing for UTOMO Information Management.

Born in Norway, raised in Texas, and living in Sweden, she considers herself a lifelong international. Also a writer since she could first hold a pen, Ann-Christin knows that storytelling, shared experience, and empathy bond humans across all borders. It’s no surprise, then, that she teaches these as roots of good marketing – in corona and out.

Ahead of our upcoming webinar, she hints: “These corona times have businesses scrambling for new strategies. Yet, it’s important to remember that in all shifting times, our business cargo remains the same – it’s simply the vehicles that change. When you understand that, it’s easier to be more purposeful and less panicked.”

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We will be recording this event, but you can choose not to enable your video if you would prefer to be out of view!

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