Wednesdays at 10:00 – Let’s Talk: For Internationals Living Abroad

Are you worried about the current crisis? Missing your family “back home”? As internationals living abroad we find ways of managing the day to day challenges of living in another country and the lack of close family around us, but under times of stress these challenges become amplified.

Johanna Lundgren Coaching and Helsingborg International Connections have come together to bring you a series of interactive online meetings for the international community.

The series will provide a platform for the international community to come together to talk about difficulties, challenges, fears and wins. It will provide space for becoming aware that we all have similar challenges, that there is no need to feel isolated and alone or ashamed of those challenges. To create a safe space to vent your concerns and views. In a friendly non-judgmental way, the series will help you see what is available to you and find new and creative ways to solve challenges. To look at yourself in an organic way and serve the whole person (Body, Emotions, Mind, Spirit)

We invite you to join us live on Zoom (from the comfort of your home), on Wednesdays at 10:00 from 1st – 22nd April!

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