Tuesday 22 October – Helsingborg Business Forum #2: Meet incubators and accelerators in HBG

Welcome to the Helsingborg Business Forum – a space where we learn about entrepreneurship and business in Helsingborg.

The Helsingborg Business Forum is a joint venture by Peers Bridge, Helsingborg International Connections, Helsingborg Business Community and Open Space.

Through the events held under this forum, once every month, you will have the opportunity to meet different entrepreneurs, advisors and investors and hopefully create a strong network in the business world of Helsingborg.

We are back with our second event – Meet incubators and accelerators in Helsingborg . If you are interested in setting up your own business or already have one, it is always a good idea to go through a structured programme and learn more about how to navigate the business ecosystem.

At this event you will get to learn about some of the programmes available in Helsingborg such as Sopact, Venture Cup, Venture Lab, E-commerce park and Start up labs. After the presentations you will also get to mingle and meet them individually if you have questions.

The event will be held at the Auditorium, Open Space Mindpark.

Have any questions – Write to: info@peersbridge.se

About us:

Peers Bridge is a social enterprise which works with a mission to promote an inclusive and diverse society towards sustainability through cultural and creative integration workshops and courses. Find more information on www.peersbridge.se

Helsingborg International Connections is an English-speaking network for internationals living in North-West Skåne. Welcome to join us for social and professional events and visit us at our weekly drop-in sessions for questions about living, working and studying in Sweden. Find more information on http://www.hiconnections.eu

HBG Business Community is a platform for information on working in Sweden and about the Swedish business community. With integration as a primary focus, it wishes to create meaningful connections with the intention to establish a professional community that exchanges knowledge, experience and inspiration.

Open Space Mindpark is a creative meeting place in Helsingborg where everyone is welcome! Here, among a mix of people, everyone is able to test their ideas, innovations and knowledge! The place is constantly changing with the help of various actors’ creative initiatives, exciting lectures and innovative exhibitions. It’s when people meet that magic is created, so come and be a part of it! Find more information on https://www.thinkopenspace.com/

During our events we sometimes take photographs and short videos to share on the HIC website and social media. If you prefer not to be in any photos or videos, please let us know at the beginning of the event. Thank you! 

Sign up here by 16:00 on Tuesday 22 October