Tuesday 31 January 16:30 – Meet Helsingborg International Connections

Photo Credit: Helsingborg Business Community

Today we visit Helsingborg Business Community at Mindpark to talk about the HIC network. 

We’ll be joined by speakers from “The Invitation Department” (English translation) and CoderDojo, two organisations also working with networking, new skills and integration for international citizens. Come and hear what we are all about!

Invitationsdepartementet is a Swedish non-profit organisation that started in Stockholm but has now spread to the rest of Sweden and other European countries as well. The principle is simple: SFI students need to practice Swedish with a native speaker outside of school, so why not match a native Swedish speaker with someone who wants to learn more Swedish over a homemade dinner. Invitationsdepartementet (or the Invitation Department as it translates to English) is all about linguistic and cultural exchange.

CoderDojo is originally an Irish project run by volunteers who help teaching programming and coding to children. The waiting list to the CoderDojo sessions in Malmö is now over 300 kids long, but here in Helsingborg it is just starting to grow. The children who attend the events come from all over the world so most sessions are held in a mix of Swedish, English, and Arabic. 

Helsingborg Business Community is a network of highly educated people who recently moved to the Helsingborg area for various reasons! Sweden has never before seen such an in-migration of highly educated people as they do now, and that is why HBC is working to connect these people to the local labour market.

Address: Helsingborg Business Community, Mindpark, Bredgatan 11, 252 25 Helsingborg 

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