Wednesday 30 November 09:00 – International Coffee Morning

coffee-wafflesThe Parent Teacher Association at the International School of Helsingborg (ISH) have kindly invited us to join them for an international coffee morning at Linneaträdgården in Maria Park. There’s a cafe, garden centre and interior decorating shop which is filled with Christmas goodies this time of year!

Anyone with an international background or interest is warmly welcomed to come along for coffee and chat. We’ll have a cosy room to ourselves, just ask the staff on duty and they will point you in the right direction!

Address: Linneaträdgården AB, Mariehällsvägen 100, 254 50 Helsingborg. Telephone: 042 – 24 24 27

There is a lot of construction work going on near the cafe at the moment, which means that the usual Helsingborg Mariastaden bus stop is not in use. Please park by Hemakväll (Engelska Gången 4) or near the schools and walk across to the garden centre. Please let us know if we can help you with a lift share.

Please sign up on this Facebook link or email if you would like to come.