Listen to our podcast to find out about Helsingborg! 

Our podcast series Welcome to Helsingborg is for international people living in Helsingborg. Join us to find out how the city functions, pick up helpful tips, and be inspired to explore! We hope the podcast will be a valuable resource for new arrivals, long-term residents, and returning Swedes. Thank you to #Visionsfonden for supporting this project!

You can find it on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podcast Index, and Buzzsprout.

It’s also now available on YouTube.

Out now: Episode 14 – Preparing for the Swedish job market

Events, networking and information for the international community

Helsingborg International Connections (HIC) is an independent organisation working in partnership with Helsingborg Municipality to provide a warm welcome for international residents. We run English-speaking events for the local international community and hold regular drop-in sessions for internationals to ask questions about living, working, and studying in Helsingborg. 

HIC: Creating a home away from home for internationals in our region 

A social and professional network

HIC’s ready-made network provides a soft landing for internationals and enables them to settle more quickly into their new environment. Our wide range of connections offers links to opportunities for volunteering, recreation, study and work, as well as local knowledge and practical suggestions about everyday life in Helsingborg. HIC events are also the perfect place for new arrivals to make new friends and develop their social life. Join us at an event or send us an email to find out more.

Employer and place branding

Attracting international talent is essential for many businesses in Skåne, but retaining that talent can be challenging if the conditions for a successful life outside of work are not met. Partners and families of international employees and students require support, a social network, meaningful occupations and opportunities to study or work. Positive real-life interactions are essential if the placement and relationships are to thrive. By partnering with HIC, employers can be confident that their company will be more attractive to international recruits, while having the peace of mind that their talent will be well supported and thus more likely to stay. This in turn makes the Helsingborg Family area an attractive, welcoming place for new business investment. Send us an email to find out more!

HIC is an independent organisation supported by Helsingborg Municipality 

The HIC concept was created in 2013 as a voluntary initiative and is now an integral part of the municipality’s work to attract and retain international talent, through close collaboration with Näringsliv och Destinationsutveckling (Business and Destination Development Department). HIC receives support from Helsingborgs Stad in the form of office space, and catering and funding for 12 events per year. In 2020 and 2021 we organised approximately 35 events per year.


HIC Events and News, December 2021

Drop-in Sessions, Autumn 2021

This season, we are running our drop-in sessions once a month at Open Space Mindpark. These sessions give you the opportunity to ask questions about living, working, and studying in Helsingborg on a one-to-one basis. On 19th October, we are using an appointment system, so please book a timed slot. If you’re unable to attend in person, you can use the Zoom link you’ll receive to connect with us digitally.

On 23rd November, we’ll revert back to the in-person “drop-in” system.

Coronavirus information

Please see our dedicated page for information on COVID-19 in Helsingborg, Skåne, Sweden, and Denmark.  

A global audience

We’re proud to say that people from more than 60 different nationalities have attended HIC events or become HIC members. All welcome!

Check-list for international newcomers

Moving to Southern Sweden or Greater Copenhagen? This handy check-list will help you prepare for your move.

Introducing our partner website: This is HBG

In 2019 we were invited to be a partner in an exciting new project, a website to help international people living in Helsingborg with tips on daily life and ways to discover and explore our area. This is HBG successfully applied for a Vision Fund grant from Helsingborgs Stad and is now a valuable resource for newcomers. You are also welcome to share your own stories and hints about life in Helsingborg. We hope you enjoy it!